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Welcome to first-breath, a website for breathworkers and those interested in learning about Conscious Breathing. This website offers a space where information is freely available to those interested in this powerful self-healing approach. It is a place where you can find out about what Conscious Breathwork involves; there are articles, recommended reading and a detailed description of a session. There is a section for testimonials from clients, and a page which publicises up-coming events and workshops. The links page recommends related web-sites including information about the Global Inspiration Conference and the International Breathwork Foundation. If you are interested in breathwork, and you have questions about it please write to me in the 'contact details'section.

Those of you who have worked with me over the last few years will be aware that I have had a baby. Iris is an inspiring teacher who takes me to the edge of what I think I can deal with - and then gives me a nudge. The last two years would have been more challenging if I had not learned to use breathing as a way of coping with difficult life circumstances and emotions.When Iris was unexpectedly hospitalised as a newborn infant - we watched helplessly as she struggled for life. There is almost nothing one can do in a situation like this apart from staying in contact with the gentle movement of breath in your body.

Iris is happy and healthy these days and the opportunity to work with breathing groups is on the horizon again. We have started gently with a monthly Breathing Circle on the last Tuesday of the month. It is well attended, and many people who have never encountered Conscious Breathwork previously are now eager to go further with breathwork. To respond to this I have scheduled 'Burning Desire' a breathing workshop over Samhain (Oct 30-Nov 1) which will be a chance to journey with the breath in the safety of a well-supported group. Details on this event are on the workshop page.

Let me know if you enjoy the website - or if there is information which you want but cannot find. I envisage a day when Conscious Breathwork will become a more widely recognised healing modality enjoyed by millions of people Worldwide. To support this vision I endeavor to provide as much information as possible to those interested in Conscious Breath - so, explore - and enjoy...may the breath be with you!

Much Love, Natalia

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