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Natalia BrownEach breathwork practitioner brings to their practice a unique set of life experiences, and this influences their style and practice with the breath. My life has been a varied one involving living in several countries from South Africa to Indonesia. In the last few years I have travelled with my husband and our young daughter, Iris, from England to the snowy mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona where we are co-owners of a small art gallery called 'Grandon'. From an early age I felt an intense curiosity about people - which resulted in a desire to train professionally in radio and television journalism. I soon realised it was not enough to simply ask questions, but that I wanted to know myself, and others, more deeply emotionally and even spiritually. Over the last seven years conscious breathwork has offered that opportunity to me - both as a tool to access my own inner experiences, and to guide my students and clients towards understanding their own inner worlds more profoundly.

Christina Artemis has been my mentor, trainer, and friend over the years throughout my journey with the breath. Her roots go back over 26 years originating with Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray and many of the earliest Rebirthers. Her approach to breathwork is reknown for its simple, direct confidence in getting to the core of the issue. Christina inspired me to become a breathwork trainer in my own right, and our training style and enthusiasm for breathwork has inspired many other people in the UK and abroad to become professional practitioners of the breath. Over the last few years we worked closely developing a strong base for The Artemis Foundation, a Dorset based organisation committed to excellence in self-development and vocational training of breathwork therapists. In my breathwork training I also worked with the InBreath Institute for breath Therapy and transformational Healing, formerly run by Gerd Lange and Jane Okondo, Integrative Breath Therapists at the forfront of their field. Jane's recent work includes Continuum Breath and Bodywork. More info at Lovesbody One of the highlights of my breathwork journey was receiving the Trainer Certificate upon graduation from Inbreath, it states that 'a high level of excellence, competence and skill has been demonstrated in supporting and facilitating participants in their personal growth process. The Institute certifies her with the competence, responsibility and love to accompany people in thier transformation...'These words touched me deeply because supporting transformation, my own and others, is the area in life that I feel most inspired to work in.

There are a number of organisations worldwide that support conscious breathwork, the largest of which is the International Breathwork Foundation. International Breathwork Foundation (IBF), This global organisation has 23 member countries from as far afield as Russia, Canada and Australia. My passion for breathwork has lead me to serve on the IBF Administration Team for the last few years, promoting the expansion of breathwork practices worldwide. This year I was nominated as the National Coordinator for the United Kingdom and my role includes promoting breathwork and supporting breathwork professionals. Each year the IBF hosts the largest international meeting of breathworkers worldwide in the form of the Global Inspiration Conference (GIC). In 2008 I was proud to organise the conference in the UK.Upcoming venues are Spain (2010) and Equador (2011) For more information on this exciting event visit the Global Inspiration Conference website Global Inspiration Conference (GIC).