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Breath & Inspiration Newsletters

The International Breathwork Foundation publishes a quarterly newsletter 'Breath & Inspiration' which offers articles on breathwork as well as updates on the organisation itself. Below are links for the last few editions. Acrobat is needed to download the newsletters. If you enjoy them and you want information on becoming a member of this fast growing International breathwork family visit IBF Network for more information and online membership application forms.

Issue 41 - Autumn 2006

Issue 42 - Winter 2006

Issue 43 - Spring 2007

Each year the IBF hosts a major international conference of breathworkers, it is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in conscious breathwork to meet up, share and exchange skills and working methods. There are a wide range of inspirational workshop leaders, lectures and seminars. We are proud to announce that the Global Inspiration Conference will be hald in the UK in July 2008. Our team of volunteers are committed to creating a truly inspiring conference . If you are interested in supporting us in organising this event then why not subscribe to the Yahoo discussion list that circulates e-mails about developments. Click below to get involved...

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