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Finding Your Practitioner

Naturally there is a good deal of variation in the way in which breathworkers practice; these differences may be reflected in session times and rates. Generally it is advised to contact and meet a few practitioners before choosing your guide and companion for your breathwork journey. The initial meeting is a vital opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and present any issues which you may want to work with in the sessions. Once you have met a couple of practitioners it is easier to feel which is the right one for you. You may wish to consider whether you prefer a female or male practitioner. Generally it is advised to work with both at some point in your breathwork journey, as they will typically activate different layers of healing to occur. Below are some guidelines for the first time clients of the breath. They are by no means true of all practitioners, but serve as a general indication for the benefit of those seeking a practitioner for the first time.

Session typeDurationCost
Introductory meeting 30min-1hr. Typically free of charge
Subsequent sessions 2-3hrs. 50-120

Number of Sessions

Many breathwork practitioners recommend a minimum commitment of ten sessions as a starting point to gain maximum value from the breathwork journey. On the tenth session you may discuss your individual needs and decide how to continue. This may involve further sessions with the same practitioner, or a change for example from a male to a female practitioner. Some people prefer to move into group workshops, where the increased number of participants adds momentum to the process. Private sessions are usually spaced weekly or fortnightly to gain the benefit of building on-going momentum with the process, although session times will also depend on the clients individual needs. Tip: Try to keep a clear space after a session to gain full value from the integration process. The body will usually feel like staying calm for a few hours afterwards, although this should not inhibit normal activities.

Rates Reductions

Some practitioners recommend paying for private sessions in advance, as this typically 'anchors' commitment to the full course. Reductions may be available if sessions are paid for in advance - sometimes the equivalent of one free session in ten. Some self-employed clients use conscious breathwork for stress relief and to achieve clarity with their vocational direction. As a result session costs can be claimed back as a tax-deductable expense. If this is a practical solution for you, remember to get invoices from your practitioner to cover the payments made. If financial concerns are preventing you from accessing the healing you require you may consider breathing with an apprentice practitioner. There are a number of practitioners in training from the major breathwork schools who are keen to work with clients as case studies. Under these circumstances your sessions are closely supervised and are usually offered at a reduced rate.

Cancellation Policy

Most practitioners will operate a cancellation policy. Be sure to ascertain what the terms are in advance. Usually if a session is cancelled with less than 24hrs notice the full session fee is payable. However, this may be waived depending on the circumstances of the cancellation, and whether the slot can be filled at short notice by another client.