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What happens in a session?

(1) A session starts with a discussion between the client and breathwork therapist where issues and circumstances which are important to the client can be shared. The breathworker may offer feedback, observations or support where appropriate.

client consultation

(2) When the client and breathworker are happy to continue the client is invited to lie on a mattress covered with a blanket. Breathwork sessions can be conducted sitting in a chair, but the most pronounced effects are when the physical body is completely relaxed and no energy is being used to keep the body balanced and upright. The client is then asked to close their eyes and gently connect the inhale to the exhale in an uninterrupted cycle of breath. Conscious connected breathing is either through the nose, or through the mouth but not alternating through both. Some practitioners practice only mouth breathing and others favour nose breathing. Personally I experience value from both at different times in a breathing cycle.

breathwork support

(3) The practitioner continues to support the breather through the breathing cycle which can last anything from 45-90 minutes. At times the breather may experience a heightened awareness of physical, emotional or spiritual states during this phase. The breathworker is trained to guide the breather gently through these more intense phases should they occur. Occasionally this may include the use of affirmations or gentle touch to support the breather in their self-awareness process.

(4)The breathing cycle comes to a natural close gently, and the breather will commonly feel physically lighter and clearer mentally and physically. Their body may be free from aches and pains which are usually there. Occasionally they experience sudden awareness and clarity around issues which have been perplexing them. Because of the potency of this integration phase the breathworker will encourage the breather to stay still and quiet for a period while the full impact of the session settles in their awareness. The integration phase is an essential part of gaining maximum value from the session, and should not be rushed or interrupted. The breathwork therapist will usually offer the breather a hot drink and possibly something small to eat which helps to ground the breather back into the physical reality.

post-session integration

(5) After the breathe the client may want to share some of their experiences or realisations with their breathworker, who once again may offer feedback on the breathing session. Afterwards an appointment will be made for the next session.