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Natalia is a very perceptive, supportive Rebirther. She is very warm and genuinely interested in you, the client, and she does not mind taking you to places beyond your comfort zone.
She balances being quick and witty with being very patient and full of integrity.
She managed to reveal to me new perspectives on issues I have worked with for years, very refreshing and deep.
She also has a wonderful real log fire!!!

Pia Kruithof, Rebirth Practitioner and Healer, Dorchester

Natalia is supportive, challenging and fun - it’s great to move forward with my life and enjoy doing it as well............many thanks Natalia!

Glynis Judge, Winchester

Forget the years of therapy, here is a way to take a duster to that once clear mirror and find your true self reflected. Nobody is saying that facing the dusting is easy...but neither is it hard and the rewards of spring cleaning are always evident.

Learning to breathe again....links us with enormous reserves of inner wisdom and shows us that we were never that far from where we wanted to be and the signposts were always within.

I have never met anyone that was more willing to travel with me to the edge of understanding and then encourage me to go further. Natalia is a good guide for unchartered territory, grounded and visionery.

I believe we have all been waiting long enough to take this journey. It is not so much a question of what can the breath do for .....can I TRULY live without it!?

Believe me, the breath will give you what you need for the next step of your journey wherever that might be leading.

K.L, Poole

In the past I have attended counseling sessions, and was motivated by what the counselor told me. She said if you do not come to terms with your past, and confront your 'baggage' you will grow old, grumpy or ill. Well, who wants to end up like that?

Sometime later I heard about conscious breathwork and was invited to attend a course run by Natalia and her colleagues from The Artemis Foundation.This was my first experience of breathwork and I was surprised by what could be achieved through something as apparently simple as breathing! After the course I decided to take private sessions in breathwork - even though this meant travelling from Chester to London weekly for my session - it has been worth every mile and every penny!

As valuable as conventional counseling has been, the breathwork sessions have uncovered issues which I had no idea I was carrying. As a result it has led to a deeper understanding of myself and my background. My breathworker has helped me to face fears and problems, and through breathing techniques assisted me to confront them, and to let go of this 'baggage'. She has encouraged me to forgive people from my past - which is not an easy task, but now I can face the past without fear. I have also learnt the connection between emotional problems and poor physical health. I believe that confronting unresolved emotions must surely be the first step to a healthier life. Also, I have learned to breath through difficult times in my daily life, enabling me to help myself. This has meant I am not so regularly in need of counseling support as I handle my emotions more easily day-to-day. For this reason I believe conscious breathwork has empowered me to help myself.

Natalia has a natural manner and style, not to mention professionalism. She has guided me through very difficult times and experiences, and her empathy and firm grip on the situation gave me the confidence that she knew what she was doing. I have complete faith in her abilities. I feel she has a natural talent for this work. I would heartily recommend conscious breathwork for anyone committed to improving their life and lifestyle, and I also would recommend Natalia as having a special gift to help others help themselves.

S.M, Chester